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Welcome to my website!

I am Nick J. Steglich - a young (in spirit, at least) man who is looking for nothing other than to use his unrelenting supply of creative energy to make some awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, mind-blowing artwork for use in advertising, package design, interface design, or anything else that needs that little, extra umpf. For years, I have worked on a variety of design projects - everything from basic Xeroxed fliers - to basic, small business websites and business cards - to teaching graphic design, 3D modeling and animation to graduate students - to creating and implementing complete marketing campaigns involving: websites, business cards, postcards, posters, banners, storefront signage, pay-per-click campaigns, search engine optimization, and follow-up research and statistical analysis. I have experienece in just about all forms of printed and digital media, and I am always looking to learn more.

This website is designed to be a showcase for my talents and skills - to help fill in the gaps bewteen my resume and my personal life. I have selected a small sampling of my otherwise vast collection of works I have produced over the years to display here. I assure you - there is MUCH more, and if you are curious as to whether I have worked on something more tailored to what you are looking for - chances are that I have, and all you need do is ask, and I will provide you with samples of that.

I am ultimately looking for a position with a design firm in which I can stretch my proverbial artistic wings and take flight. I would like to focus on graphic design, front-end website design, and/or animation, but I am open to working on just about anything that utilizes my design skills in some regard. While I enjoy working alone, I am just as comfortable working in groups, and even more so as a director of said groups. But no matter my role, I just enjoy making fun and enjoyable artwork... and I hope I can do that for you!